Mai 06

SystemWidePanel (Android Service Class) published!

A simple side-wide draggable panel for Android released under GPLv3:

The panel keeps it position whenever possible during rotation changes and when going from/to fullscreen. It can be moved nearly anywhere except above the status/navigation bars or lockscreens.

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Aug 17

WordPress: Delete Author IP addresses of Old Comments

The commenting feature in WordPress automatically stores IP addresses of all comment authors. Although this is a useful safety feature (e.g. if a user posts unlawful content) laws in some countries (like Germany) forbid storing these IP addresses permanently. Generally they shouldn’t be stored longer than seven days if they aren’t needed to identify an author of unlawful content.

There’s a plugin (Remove IP) which simply disables logging of such IP addresses but this method doesn’t allow to find out the identity of a user posting unlawful content. The following solution uses a daemon which periodically sets all IP addresses of comments older than seven days to via the mysql command-line utility. Thus, in case of an illegal comment, the administrator still has the possibility to assist law enforcement in finding out the identity of the disturber.

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Aug 14

Firefox Sync Server on an Uberspace

Update (11.01.2014): Currently, there is an error when trying to build the sync server using the latest version of virtualenv (1.11). It is possible to build it using an earlier version of virtualenv, e.g., 1.10.1, which can be installed by running:

easy_install virtualenv==1.10.1

Update (01.10.2012): In case you have an account on an older server on Uberspace you might not be able to create subdomains by yourself. Contact Uberspace Support or try the solution mentioned in this comment.

Update (22.08.2012): As t.animal pointed out, it’s necessary to change the path of a log file to run multiple sync servers on a single machine. This additional modification is now described in the Configuration section after the port settings.

Update (19.08.2012): Added information for users who do not have an own domain but instead use <username>.<server>

Update (15.08.2012): As suggested by typo3guy, I changed most commands to use paths relative to the home directory. E.g. instead of [server-full]$ vim etc/sync.conf it’s now $ vim ~/ffsync/server-full/etc/sync.conf. However, commands for building (like make) weren’t changed but in general they are used in a block of commands where the first command ensures that they’re run under the right directory.
Also the style for commands was changed to better distinguish them from text in pre-blocks which are mostly used to display options for configuration files.

This tutorial is based on Mozilla’s installation instruction for Firefox Sync (link) and the Wiki of Uberspace (link).

In this tutorial, shell commands have either the form [dir]$ foo if the command foo has to be run under the directory dir or $ foo if the directory can’t be confused (e.g. if a cd was made directly before) or if the directory shouldn’t matter. Generally dir is not the complete path but only the current directory’s name.
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