Free App Review Service

I offer a free app review service for Android™ apps. I plan to publish about one app review per week and occasionally a short roundup article which mentions one or multiple apps.

Main rules (subject to change):

  • You must be the developer of the app you submit.
  • The app must be available via Google Play in my country (Germany).

Submission rules (subject to change):

  • Your submission must be sent to this email address which changes every week. This email link already contains a preformatted subject and body. Don’t change the preformatted parts but insert the required information at the appropriate locations, e.g., replace [INSERT APP NAME] with the app of your app but don’t alter the rest of the subject.
  • Your submission must be sent from the developer email address which is shown on the app page on Google Play.
  • Your submission must include:
    • The app’s name in the email subject.
    • A link to the app page on Google Play.
    • A short description (maximum 300 characters) of the app, e.g., its purpose, main or unique features, etc.
    • 2-4 screenshots for which you grant me the right to use in the review. Generally, I plan to select and use 2 screenshots per review.
    • Only in case of a paid app: the app’s apk file.
  • You can resubmit an app after four weeks if it wasn’t reviewed. Please note: submitting an update of an app is considered to be the same as resubmitting an app.

Submissions which don’t adhere to these rules will be ignored.

App selection and review process (subject to change):

  • New submissions which adhere to the submission rules will become active.
  • If I select your app from all active submissions, I’ll write a draft review and send you a link to the draft via email.
    • You may:
      • directly accept or reject the draft and, if you accept it, I’ll publish it shortly after.
      • discuss content-related issues with me. At this point, you can notify me of relevant changes in an (already published) update.
    • You may not:
      • discuss my views, opinions, ratings, etc.
    • If you don’t contact me within three business days after I sent you the link to the draft I will publish the draft as the review without further notice.
  • Occasionally, I might select one or multiple apps from all active submissions to be mentioned in a roundup article.
  • Submissions which weren’t reviewed or mentioned in a roundup article will become inactive four weeks after they were submitted.
  • I will ignore all active and future submissions from submitters who
    • try to influence the app selection process, e.g., by submitting an app multiple times within four weeks or by trying to make me favor their app(s) over other apps.
    • try to influence any of my views, opinions, ratings, etc.

By sending your submission to me you agree to the main rules, the submission rules, and the app selection and review process.