Error: „Could not get root permissions.“

RepetiTouch requires a rooted device. Without root, it isn’t possible to record and replay touch input.

If this error occurs although the device is rooted please follow these steps:

  1. Check that your root management app and the su binary are up to date. Usually, when starting the root management app you are informed if the su binary needs to be updated.
  2. Check that root rights are granted to RepetiTouch.
  3. Try to remove RepetiTouch from the root management app’s white list. Start RepetiTouch again and grant root rights when prompted by the root management app.
Error: „No usable input event file was found.“

Please note: Only devices which have a touchscreen are supported. Android TV boxes, Android (mini) PCs, Android emulators, etc., are not supported. Since RepetiTouch Pro version 1.1.0 also devices without touchscreen are supported.

  1. Make sure that your device is rooted.
  2. Check that your root management app and the su binary are up to date. Usually, when starting the root management app you are informed if the su binary needs to be updated.
  3. Check that root rights are granted to RepetiTouch.
  4. Try to remove RepetiTouch from the root management app’s white list. Start RepetiTouch again and grant root rights when prompted by the root management app.
  5. If the issue still persists, try to reboot your device and launch RepetiTouch again.
Error: „User input detected. Stopping Replay.“

Generally, RepetiTouch detects when a user touches the screen while a replay is running to stop the replay. In some very rare cases RepetiTouch erroneously detects such a user input.

Thus, RepetiTouch Pro includes an option to disable this detection and allow user input during replay. Warning: When using this option, you cannot stop a replay by simply touching the screen. Instead, press the stop replay button or switch off the screen. The option is located under Settings -> Advanced.

Home button, soft buttons, hardware buttons, etc. are not recorded

Such „additional input events“ can be enabled manually via Settings -> Advanced -> Additional Input Events. Please note that not all of the listed input events might work.
The shown names can give a hint at the function of the corresponding additional input event. The following table shows examples of common input event names and possible functions. Please note that this might not apply to all devices, i.e., some devices might provide an input event name shown in this table but have a different function.

Input event name Function
Hardware buttons, e.g., volume up/down
Sometimes power button
Sometimes home button
Power button
sec_touchkey Soft buttons, e.g., back or recents
hs_detect Headset buttons
lid_input Screen cover/case (auto screen on/off)
temp_humidity_sensor Temperature/humidity
orientation Orientation
How to pause and resume a replay

Since version 1.1.0 of RepetiTouch Pro, pausing and resuming is supported via a new pause button. Please note that user input during replay must be enabled via Settings: Advanced if you want to touch the pause button. Otherwise, RepetiTouch Pro would recognize your user input and automatically stop the replay. However, if you are using, e.g., a mouse instead of a touchscreen, you don’t have to enable this option to use the pause button.

How to use the editor/merger

The editor and merger were introduced in RepetiTouch Pro 1.1.0. This FAQ describes how these features work in detail.


The editor is started via the menu. Then, the panel will display an additional button on the right:


This marker button is used during the replay to add markers which are later used to split the recording into multiple parts which can be mixed with other parts, files and pauses using the merger. Please note that you have to enable user input during replay if you want to add markers via the touchscreen.

To start editing, first press the play button. The panel will now display a pause button instead of the play button:


Now, you can add markers while the replay is running by simply clicking on the marker button. You can also add markers while the replay is paused. Then, by long clicking on the marker button, you can also directly add a description for the new marker.

After the replay finishes or is stopped the merger launches and shows a list with all parts of the recording according to the added markers.


The merger is used to combine parts of a recording which are split using the markers from the editor. Additionally, saved recordings and pauses can be added.

It is either started after the editor finishes or directly from the menu. In the latter case, the merger will list the currently loaded recording, if available.

The main part of the merger is a list with all merge items. There are three types of merge items, illustrated by icons shown in the left part of the following image:

  1. The part between two markers (items 1 and 2).
  2. File (item 4).
  3. Pause (item 3).

All items can be configured by clicking on them.

The following options are available for all items:

  • Description
  • Loop count
  • Replay speed
  • Remove pause at start/end

Additionally, the file can be changed for file items and the pause duration can be changed for pause items.

All items show a description (top row) and duration (bottom row). For the parts between two markers, the center row shows the time stamps of the start and end markers. For file items, the center row shows the path to the file.

The right part shows further information about each item, i.e., the loop count, the replay speed and indicators whether pauses at the start and/or end are removed. If a pause is removed, a round bracket is shown, else, a squared bracket. In detail:

  • [ ] no pauses are removed
  • ( ] pause at the start is removed
  • [ ) pause at the end is removed
  • ( ) pauses at start and end are removed

Saved recordings and pauses can be added using the options of the Action Bar (top right).

All items can be sorted using drag and drop. By long clicking on an item, additional options appear, e.g., an option to duplicate it or to save it into a file. On recent devices, multiple items can also be selected and merged independently from the other items.

Finally, using the merge button in the Action Bar, all items are merged into a new recording which is automatically loaded into the app. You can save it either directly in the merger by long clicking on it and selecting save or using the save option in the panel’s menu.

Locale/Tasker plugin: Detect when a replay stops

Using the Locale/Tasker plugin of RepetiTouch it is possible to automate tasks, e.g., starting and stopping a record or replay. However, it is more tricky to detect that a previously started replay finished. The necessary steps are explained here using Tasker but should apply (similarly) to other automation tools.

  1. Add a variable (e.g., %RT_isReplaying) via the „VARS“ tab and set it to „false“:rt_locale_plugin_detect_stop_replay1
  2. Add a state profile using RepetiTouch’s „is replaying“ state with a new (anonymous) task which sets the variable from above to „true“:rt_locale_plugin_detect_stop_replay2
  3. Add another state profile using the „is replaying“ state but with the „Invert“ option active. Use a new (anonymous) task which sets the variable to „false“:rt_locale_plugin_detect_stop_replay3
  4. The actual task is then edited like this:
    1. RepetiTouch Pro, Action: Start Replay
    2. Wait Until %RT_isReplaying ~ true (note that Tasker requires a minimum wait time of 1s)
    3. Wait Until %RT_isReplaying ~ false (same note as with B)
    4. next action

    Note that it is necessary to first wait until Tasker detects that a replay is running and then additionally wait until it detects that no replay is running anymore. Else, i.e., when omitting the wait until a replay is running, it can happen that Tasker is not yet aware of a running replay (i.e., the %RT_isReplaying variable is still „false“) and thus the next action will be executed although the replay has just started and is still running.

Locale/Tasker task is not executed
  1. Make sure that Locale/Tasker support is enabled in RepetiTouch. You can enable it via Settings -> Advanced -> Support for Automation Tools.
Loop replay does not work

Normal devices

  1. You can set multiple loop counts via Settings->List of loop counts for loop replay. Enter the desired loop counts as a comma-separated list. Use „inf“ for infinite replaying.
    Example: 2,5,inf
  2. To start loop replay, long press, i.e., click and hold, the replay button. If you entered only a single loop count via the setting mentioned above, RepetiTouch will directly replay your record this often. If you set multiple loop counts, a menu similar to the one shown below appears. Click on the desired loop count to start the loop replay.


Please note: emulators, e.g., BlueStacks, are not officially supported.

  1. Enabled the additional input event „BlueStacks Virtual Mouse“ (only available in RepetiTouch Pro).
  2. Select „Override Multitouch Type“ and select „2.3+ Legacy Mode“.
  3. Record your actions. Please make sure to wait at least three seconds before hitting stop. Otherwise, the recording will be broken.
  4. Start loop replay by clicking and holding the replay button.

Note: As an alternative to changing the multitouch type it is also possible to move the panel to another position before replaying. In this case, the click on the stop button is recorded and will be replayed, too, clicking on whatever is located at the position where the stop button was during the recording. Please make sure that the replayed click has no undesired effects if you choose this method.

Mouse/Emulator (BlueStacks etc.) support

Emulators, e.g., BlueStacks, are not officially supported. However, according to multiple user reports, RepetiTouch Pro can be used with BlueStacks/some emulators by enabling the additional input event „BlueStacks Virtual Mouse“ (or similar mouse input event) via the additional settings of RepetiTouch Pro. Similarly, it might be possible to record and replay input from external mouses on normal Android devices.

Please note that mouse input events typically are relative while touch input events usually are absolute. Thus, there is a displacement between the recorded and replayed mouse input events because the absolute positions of the record and replay buttons of RepetiTouch’s panel are different (unless the panel is moved to exactly compensate for this). A possible workaround is to „synchronize“ the absolute mouse pointer location by moving it to a screen corner and a bit further in the same direction at the beginning of a recording. When this „further moving“ is far enough to compensate for the displacement between the mouse pointer locations at the beginnings of the recording and replay, respectively, this „synchronization“ usually is successful.

Additionally, consider this FAQ: Replay does not work.

Panel is not shown

On some ROMs, e.g., MIUI, the panel is not shown until the „Show popup window“ (or similar) option is activated. Follow these steps to activate it:

  1. Open system settings.
  2. Open the apps list.
  3. Search for RepetiTouch and open its app info.
  4. Enable „Show popup window“.
Re-Installing fails (error code -24 or -504)

These error codes occur when you installed RepetiTouch, uninstalled it unsuccessfully and try to install it again using the Play Store.
To fix it, you have to manually remove the data directory of RepetiTouch. Normally, this is

  • /data/data/ for RepetiTouch Pro and
  • /data/data/ for RepetiTouch Free

Usually, you can use a root-capable file browser to remove the directory. Alternatively, it’s possible to do so using a computer and ADB.

Recording and replaying stopped working after reboot

On at least one device (HTC One) sometimes an issue occurred after rebooting the device which made it impossible to replay saved recordings or record new ones. This issue was fixed in v1.0.23 of the pro version.

If you upgraded from an earlier version and the issue occurred, please follow these steps:

  1. Clear the app data via your system settings
  2. Launch the app, open the settings and go to „Advanced“
  3. Activate „Fix input event indices on start“

Please note that this fix only affects new recordings. Saved recordings will not be fixed by this and might have to be recorded again.

If your first installed version is v1.0.23 or later, please follow these steps:

  1. Launch the app, open the settings and go to „Advanced“
  2. Activate „Fix input event indices on start“
  3. Exit and relaunch RepetiTouch

Technical note:

This issue was caused because the indices of the input event device files changed after some reboots. For example, the touchscreen’s index might be 0 when the app was started the first time but after a reboot it might change to 1. However, RepetiTouch still assumed it to be 0. Thus, it was both impossible to record from and replay to the specific device file.

RepetiTouch stops/crashes/disappears after replaying for some time

Sometimes RepetiTouch stops working after replaying a recording for a longer time, e.g., in an infinite loop. The replay stops and the panel disappears abruptly.

This happens because RepetiTouch is killed by the system. Usually, this happens because the system is running out of memory and tries to free memory by killing other apps than the current foreground app, e.g., the app which is currently being automated by RepetiTouch. Another indicator of this issue is the system becoming generally unresponsive. Certain apps, mostly games, have bugs which cause them to use more and more memory the longer they run.

A possible workaround is to periodically close and relaunch the app which is automated. This should free up memory and allow the replay to continue without issues.

There exists a third-party app called „Memory Locker“ which prevents selected apps from being killed. There have been multiple reports from RepetiTouch users who confirmed that their issues went away when they started to use this app. However, please note that this is a third-party app. Thus, use it only at your own risk.

Often, such issues are first observed in connection with RepetiTouch because the apps weren’t previously used for such a long duration without a break.

Replay does not work
  1. Reboot your device and try again.
  2. If the issue persists: Go to Settings->Advanced and change the „Override Multitouch Type“ setting to „Legacy Mode“. Please note that you have to wait at least three seconds after your last action before hitting stop in „Legacy Mode“.
Replay every X minutes

If you want to replay a (short) recording every X minutes, e.g., every 10 minutes, there are two options:

  1. Use RepetiTouch’s Locale/Tasker plugin and a compatible automation app, e.g., Locale or Tasker, to start a replay every X minutes in a loop.
  2. When recording, wait until X minutes have passed (since you started the recording) before hitting stop. Then you can use RepetiTouch’s loop replay function, it will preserve the pause at the end of the recording. Please note that this only holds in loop replay mode. When replaying the recording only once any pause at the end is ignored.