Toggle Wi-Fi Hotspot 5.0 released!

Today, „Toggle Wi-Fi Hotspot 5.0“, another root widget for Android 5.0 (Lollipop), was released:

Toggle Wi-Fi Hotspot 5.0

Toggle the Wi-Fi hotspot on and off with this widget.
Additionally, this app includes a Locale/Tasker compatible plugin and support for shortcuts.
You can also set custom images or colors.

Get it on Google Play

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3 thoughts on “Toggle Wi-Fi Hotspot 5.0 released!

  1. This really works! I am so very frustrated that I still don't know how to automate hotspot in tasker myself however. Please share?!?

    • Hi, you'll need to create a task in Tasker and add an action. There, select the "plugin" action type and then my app and configure it.