Version 1.0.0 of RepetiTouch Free released!

RepetiTouch Free v1.0.0 is now available exclusively on XDA:
It will be available via Google Play in future, too, but at this time it’s only available via XDA.
This version includes often-requested features, especially loop replay which is started by long clicking on the replay button. Furthermore, the recording time limit was removed, multitouch recording is now enabled and multiple recordings can be saved and loaded.

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3 thoughts on “Version 1.0.0 of RepetiTouch Free released!

  1. Hi,
    It was very great if the app could be able to load the last saved record AUTOMATiCaLLY.
    In this case , the apps such as Macrodroid could use it properly.

  2. Hey, My Android 6.0 LG G3 seems to be having an issue with this and all other macro apps. After some minutes of successful running the overlay stops responding to all input. The Macro will still keep going and once I tap the screen it stops but if I want to start it against I have to Forcefully Stop the software first.